Monkey Land Half Day Safari

Begin the tour entering a lovely botanical garden where you will learn about the native plants and flowers of the island.

The following 45 minutes is catered to a guided tour that allows you to interact in close proximity with our beautiful and friendly squirrel monkeys. These lovely and intelligent monkeys have been trained by a Canadian couple with 35 years’ experience working with animals that includes 12 years at the Toronto Zoo teaching monkeys to trust and enjoy the company of humans.

This excursion is for all ages and is based in 5 acres of a beautiful portion of land which the monkeys have made their home. The monkeys have become totally trusting to human contact. They will climb down from the trees to sit on your shoulder and eat from your hand. Beware though….they loves anything shiny and interesting. They enjoy checking out any jewelry or sunglasses. Our monkeys loves to pose for the cameras and probably will sit, and if allowed, will watch themselves on your camera. Adorable!

Continue through the eastern mountain range until we reach the colorful villages where we will visit a typical home to sample fresh and organic coffee, cacao, and tropical fruits

At the end of this utterly enjoyable and amazing tour and browse through our Monkey Land gift store.